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Sterling Fundways carries a large variety of carnival games for all types of events. Our games can be used for fundraising events, school and church carnivals, festivals, parties, and more. Our games provide a wide variety of skill and luck levels that are fun and challenging for all ages.

Below is a list of our games divided into skill and luck levels followed by our price list. Click on the names of the games that are underlined to view a photo of the game. We are in the process of adding more photos of our games.

Easy Skill Games

    Pitch Till U Win  

Toss ring over peg, whatever you ring, you win.

    Clown Face Bean Bag  

Toss two bean bags through the clown's mouth.

    Mickey Bean Bag  

Toss two bean bags through Mickey's hands.

    Garfield Bean Bag  

Toss two bean bags through Garfield's mouth.

    Roll Down  

Roll balls into numbered slots. Total score of under 12 or over 30 wins.


Easy Luck Games

    Win Lose Draw  

Roll balls down trying to make three in a row.

    Rainbow Roll  

Roll balls into colored slots, one in each color wins.

    Duck Pond  

Choose a duck from the pond. The number on the bottom of the duck denotes the prize.

    Spinning Wheel  

Guess a number, spin the wheel.

    Bumper Car  

Push car on the track, wherever it stops is where the player chooses the prize.

    Lollipop Tree  

Choose a lollipop from the tree, a colored tip wins a larger prize.

    Pick a Pencil  

A colored tip wins a prize, no color on the tip you keep
the pencil.

    Pan Game  

Toss a ball into colored slots.

    Road Rally  

Multi-player race game.

    String Game  

Pull three strings of colored paddles. Match two to win.


Drop a chip from the top of a maze, the chip lands in a prize slot.

    Birthday Wheel  

A wheel with months and holidays. Guess where it stops to win.


Medium Skill Games

    Fat Cat  

Toss balls at "cats". Knock down two out of two to win.

    Krazy Kans  

Try to knock six cans off platform with two bean bags.

    Pitch Out  

Toss bean bag into the "catchers" mitt to win.

    Frog Hop  

Launch frog trying to land in the lily pad.

    Cue Ball  

Shoot golf ball with pool cue and try to make it into the cup.

    Bucket Drop  

Toss ball into angled "bucket". If it stays in, you win.

    Pin Ball  

Roll ball at pins placed at the end of the alley, trying to knock them down.

    Bottle Bash  

Toss bean bags at wooden bottles, trying to knock them over.

    Big Mouth  

Toss wiffle balls into the clown's big mouth.

    First and Ten  

Toss football into the receiver's waiting arms.

    Shuffle Alley  

Slide pucks down the alley trying to land in the holes.

    Ring Toss  

Toss rings onto colored pegs, the color denotes the prize.

    Lucky Strike  

Toss quarters onto targets, trying to land in the red.


Try to drive the ball to the end of the curving road without falling off.


Slide three pucks, trying to knock up six pins.

    Slap Shot  

Try to slide a puck through the goal to win.

    Star Dart  

Throw suction cup dart at stars on the board.

    Tip A Troll  

Toss bean bags at rows of trolls, trying to knock them over.

    Stop and Throw  

Toss bean bags into a stop light, trying to get one in each color.

    Mini Basketball  

Throw ball through the hoop, two out of two wins.

    Cane Toss  

Toss rings over canes in table, you win what you ring.

    Balloon Dart  

Player receives two darts to pop two balloons.

    Apple Dart  

Player receives two darts to stick two different red apples.

    Teddy Bear Toss  

Toss rings over bear and block.

    Milk Can  

Toss two balls into can to win.

    Match Color  

Drop balls into colored slots, match two to win.


Toss two balls into numbered slots trying to total 7 or 11.

    Ball in Keg  

Toss balls into kegs, two out of two wins.

    Add Em Up Dart  

Throw darts at a numbered board and add up score.

    Suction Cup Dart  

Throw suction cup dart at colored and star targets.

    Bowler Roller  

Roll ball over hump and into dip. If the ball stays in the dip, you win.

    Monkey Face  

Toss balls into monkey's mouth to win.

    Tic Tac Toe  

Toss balls into slots trying to make three in a row.


Medium Luck Games

    Knock A Block  

Swing ball trying to knock off the colored blocks or dice.

    Ring A Bottle  

Toss rings over bottles. If you ring one, you win.

    Color Ball  

Place ticket on color square, toss ball into colored slots, a match wins.


Price List

    Game and Booth   $25.00  
    Small Consolation Prize   $0.09 each, packed 100 per bag  
    Large Consolation Prize   $0.30 each, packed 100 per bag  
    Small Prize   $0.75 each  
    Medium Prize   $1.50 each  
    Large Prize   $3.00 each  
  Prices are subject to change.  
  All games are subject to a delivery fee.  
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